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  1. This is a post I made on that other place but I wanted to share with you all. http://www.bit-tech....e-benchmarks/1 Yup Windows 8 is a real winner folks. Reboot times were very impressive in Windows 8, with the system able to perform a full reboot in just over 20 seconds. The Hybrid Boot feature appears to do its job well, as Windows 8 was able to reboot 5 seconds faster than Windows 7, being faster at both shutting down and booting. Yup a real winner. But there is a bit of bad news. That is a old game though so no worries there then. Who the heck multi tasks anyway. Nit picking. AMD's are cheaper anyway. Right on. The os is fast it is just them stupid drivers. Nit picking again. Buy a smaller monitor save some loot. make it a touch screen and you do not need a mouse or keyboard. See a real winner. It boots quicker and shuts down quicker. Those few seconds you save will make your private pc'ing much more enjoyable. An your business use will definitely increase your profits. Switch to Linux I hear you say. are you mad ? Think of the huge learning curve and all those usless programs that all that clever stuff that no one needs. No way Hoshay. Windows 8 rules the roost. Now where is that darn start button and the menu. I know it is around here somewhere Now imagine that Windows 8 was the latest car Microslop were bringing to the market. Would you even go to the showroom let alone buy one. "There's a saying in Estonia that in order to see new things, you have to follow common paths - paths you know." Games people play, you take it or you leave it Things that they say, honor brite If I promise you the moon and the stars, would you believe it Games people play in the middle of the night ~Alan Parsons Project, Games People Play
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