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Found 1 result

  1. Gee, where's Eric been all afternoon and evening? He's probably had his head buried in that Cisco text book, I'll bet. Well, you'd be wrong, capacitor breath. He was actually attempting to recover his main and laptop installations of Slackware after they crashed and burned from an update earlier today. Weeeeeeeeee! As some of you may know, I've been running Current since upgrading from 13.37 earlier last year. Sadly, an update that came out today (numerous updates/upgrades, actually) did not play well with my main nor my laptop systems. I was somehow able to recover the lappy, but the main was UGLY. I didn't update the shop system. It survived intact, but may get wiped anyway. I had to wipe my / partition and recover from an rsync mirror. Ooopsy! Bad rsync backup. That didn't help much. You should always check your backups after you create them to make sure they are actually going to work if you should ever need them. Silly me. That bad backup was my fault. I did something stupid, but we won't go there. Anywho, I decided to just wipe the / partition clean and reinstall Slack (stable); leaving the /home partition alone, of course. That went well. It's now after 0230hrs. I'm tired. I've customized, tweaked, installed, setup, etc. for the past 6 hours. I think I've got it mostly finished. I even took a pretty picture for you to see... Yes. What you're seeing is no illusion. They are slinging snowballs down under... and I don't mean Australia. That really is KDE you're seeing there. I'm going to bed now. Didn't get much studying done tonight. Later... P.S. Wonder how the lappy would like a nice new KDE installation?
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