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Found 4 results

  1. Thank you JMichael, Evernote Mac user! How to Fix Firefox Spellcheck Here's the quote:
  2. In addition to the new upgraded forums, we also have an additional theme/skin that allows you to pick your own colors! It's the IPB Unlimited theme that you can see on the dropdown menu in the lower left corner of the forum: If you prefer the original blue IP.Board theme, choose the IPB.Board theme: I wanted green for mine, so I chose the IPB Ultimate (imported) theme: Using the IPB Ultimate skin/theme, you just choose the little white paint brush in the right header area below the search and above the Recent posts: Choose the color range from the verticle color band in middle, then choose the specific color in that range, in the big box to the left in the color picker, then when you like it, click the green checkbox. Done. Enjoy!
  3. Tags are a cool new feature in IP.board (well, new to us! I don't know when they implemented them). Tags are a fairly common "web 2.0" feature, allowing you to categorize things multiple different ways simultaneously. You can add tags, up to 10, in the area under the "Topic Title" section when posting a new topic. They can be separated by commas (you can use spaces in tags, so you need to separate them with commas). If you've already made a thread and want to add/edit tags, you can do so in the "edit post" screen, by using the Full Editor. Selecting the box "Use first tag as prefix" will highlight the first tag, and will place that in the forum list in front of your topic title. Effectively tagging topics can enable much more powerful (and easy!) searching. Clicking a tag will start a search of all posts that use that tag. Tags are entirely optional; if you can't think of an appropriate tag, don't worry about it! An example of good tagging would be a thread announcing a new Firefox release. You could tag it "Firefox" "release" "news" and possibly "update". When we build up a base of tagged threads, we can see "also tagged" threads at the bottom of posts.
  4. In this sub forum, will be all manner of of topics related to different tips and tricks discovered while using the new upgraded version of IPS' IP.Board forum software. Have fun and if you discover a neat tip or trick while using the updated forum software, post a topic about it! Enjoy!
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