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Found 2 results

  1. Wheelchair hack lets two-year-old explore on his own - Hack A Day More info about building custom game controllers for people with physical disabilities The link in the paragraph above gives a detailed walk through on his powerchair hack for his 2 yr old son. Very Cool stuff!
  2. Apps for Windows 8 easily hacked - H-Online I wondered about this. Especially after the vulnerabilities of the Gadget Platform on Windows 7 and Microsoft telling everyone to disable the Gadget Platform. (1,2,3,4) From the (2) link at ZDNet: And this from same article: Microsoft is telling people to totally disable the Gadget Platform, see the following as was noted in the (4) link at Microsoft TechNet: I have been disabling it on all client computers for months now as we have appts. I first became worried about Gadget Platform vulnerabilities about a year or so ago when a client's Windows 7 Gadgets all turned black from some sort of hack. If they could do that to the gadgets, they could do so much more. And now, this about Windows 8 Apps ... but aren't the Apps just another form of Gadgets for or less?
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