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Found 3 results

  1. Apparently this vulnerability can only be exploited by a local user. GRUB2 Vulnerability
  2. Just did a fresh install on my desktop workstation. When I boot, the system does not find the bootloader and fails to boot. If I intervene and use the boot selection popup menu in my bios and tell it to boot from the hard disk, it boots fine. The motherboard is bios and the hard drive is partitioned with a GPT, bios-boot partition, and a physical volume containing the volume group and logical volumes. It seems as though Grub did not install to the bios-boot partition correctly. All these steps completed without errors. I am at a loss as to why Grub is not loading correctly.
  3. Long story short - I need to re-install Arch on my main desktop and want you Grub2 experts to advise me on how to do it. Short stroy long - I am posting this from my LiveUSB of PartedMagic (yes I just made my monthly donation to Patrick Verner who is the developer). Why am I posting this from PartedMagic you ask? Good question! Two days ago I decided to make Clonezilla images of all my computers, I have not done so in several months and it was overdue. Laptop went smooth and fast (SSD/USB3.0, 'nuff said). Wife's/son's computer no problems. Half way through creating the image on my desktop Clonezilla froze, froze hard, and would not resume, cancel, or quit. I tried to kill the process on the cli, no go. I tried to kill it with no holds barred, no go. So I had to hard shutdown the machine with the power switch (I hate doing that but sometimes you just have to). I don't know yet if it was a problem with the discs, the filesystem, or the hardware. I'll get to that after I have made copies of all my files, I have copies on several online storage systems and local copies, but you can never be too sure. Since I have been having misc. little issues with graphics, gtk integration, and flashplugin crashing all the time (caused by my tinkering, except maybe flash it just sucks) I want to do a fresh install. If I am going to do a fresh install, I might as well learn about GRUB2 and do it from the start. Also, since I have had very little trouble from systemd on the laptop, I will upgrade the desktop to systemd now also. So what do you advise for a fresh install using GRUB2 from the start? Are there any special things to do during the installer? Do I need to make any other related changes to make it all work? I've read the ArchWiki and the GRUB2 docs online, but you know it's always better to have someone who's done it talk you through it.
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