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Found 7 results

  1. abarbarian

    Firejail .....

    This looks very interesting and has a Arch package in the AUR.I am typing this from a firejail firefox. https://l3net.wordpr...jects/firejail/ https://l3net.wordpr...ozilla-firefox/ https://l3net.wordpr...bilities-guide/ There are quite a few pages of stuff to read and some of the comments are worth a read aswell.Of interest is the fact that you can run VLC-without internet access (or similar program) and also isolate programs like the TorBrowser and Dropbox. I ran a quick comparison opening up FF with a page with video running and it does not seem to use up any more cpu or ram than a normal FF.
  2. Dropbox told about vulnerability in November 2013, only fixed it when the media showed interest - Graham Cluley And likely Dropbox still wonders why security aware people may not trust them with their sensitive information... I stopped using them for anything that matters long ago.
  3. https://copy.com?r=Zd81hT If you like the sound of this cloud storage service click on the link and I will get an extra 5 GB and so will you. There is a package in the AUR, https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/copy-agent/ It is touted to work on most linux os's. I have just installed so will give an update soon. The no limit on file size is a great feature.
  4. http://linuxaria.com/article/installation-of-seafile-open-source-dropbox-alternative-for-teams?lang=en&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Linuxaria_En+%28Linuxaria%C2%BB+English%29 https://github.com/haiwen/seafile/wiki/Enable-Https-on-Seafile-web http://seafile.com/en/download/ What drew my attention to this was that they have a Raspberry Pi version and apparently it runs ok on said machine. On the face of it it looks like a great way for folks to share files whether they are in a team or not.
  5. V.T. Eric Layton

    Are Your Attachments Too Big?

    Does your ISP or webmail choke you off when trying to email a pal a large email attachment? Well, there's good news for you. You can now offer your pal the option to download the attachment from your third party cloud storage service using Thunderbird's Filelink option. It's very COOL! I think it's been in the last few versions of TB, but I didn't notice it till today. I've been distracted lately. Anyway, I linked my TB to use my Dropbox account, which requires an extension be installed. However, if you use one of the TB provided options, you won't need to install an extension, just sign up for an account at one of the supported services. Read more about Filelink here --> https://support.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/kb/filelink-large-attachments Ain't technology wonderful?!
  6. Neil P

    Google Drive

    http://googleblog.bl...yes-really.html Dropbox's prices are 50gb for $9.99/mo and 100gb for $19.99/mo. Google Drive prices demolish those. Plus you get extra gmail space too (although I've had mine since June of 2004 and am using 12% of my space) I've signed up, but haven't yet had mine activated.
  7. Got the following in their April 2012 email newsletter today from SpiderOak: Any thoughts on SpiderOak? It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux; iOS and I believe Android as well. Are they safer than others? Is their encryption safe? Sounds like it's end to end encryption and no one sees your stuff. Think it's a legit claim? Think it can beat out Dropbox?
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