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Found 3 results

  1. abarbarian

    Window Maker

    GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/ThemesLatest news is WM has an entry in the Arch Wiki its own page no less. https://wiki.archlin...hp/Window_Maker This thread is slightly out of date but is full of useful stuff. Anyone wanting to try out Window Maker on Arch will find these packages useful. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/windowmaker/ (last update 2020) or https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/windowmaker-crm-git (last update 2022) https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/windowmaker-extra/ https://www.archlinu.../any/menumaker/ https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=450&SeB=nd&K=wm&SB=n&SO=a&PP=50&do_Search=Go https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=500&SeB=nd&K=wm&SB=n&SO=a&PP=50&do_Search=Go https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/?O=550&SeB=nd&K=wm&SB=n&SO=a&PP=50&do_Search=Go I have not tried out the "menumaker" package. Instead I brought my main menu up to date with this tip from the WM home site. It is worth the time reading the "Doc's" at the site. https://www.windowmaker.org/docs/installation.html There are some dock apps at the AUR but not all of them run. There are loads and loads of dock apps to be found on the web. Do not be put of by the fact that development on some of them stopped decades ago. I managed to get a 1999 dock app to run though I was told that I really should have made an Arch package out of it first. With a bit of reading up and some minor twiddling I recon most reasonably experienced linux users would be able to find heaps of dock apps and get them running on Arch. From the wiki https://en.wikipedia...ki/Window_Maker To avoid litigation take note Anyone playing with Raspberry Pi's might find this window manager a perfect fit both for its low use of resources and its ease of customisation using simple coding. I am enjoying playing with Window Maker and can heartily recommend it to folk CLICK ON THE LINKS BELOW TO BE TAKEN TO THE RELEVANT INFORMATION POST THEMES GALORE TIP - Shutdown pc -- in post 114. TIP -- Change Docked Icon Behaviour --- in post 115. TIP -- Manual Menu Entry -- in post 116 TIP - Closing windows WMAMIXER New (2015) volume app - very neat. WMBDAY THEMES for WINDOW MAKER Download link in the post Jess Anderson Themes (93) download link in post Missing WPrefs.app - 2022 How do you dock <insert program here> that doesn't have an appicon in the new version of WindowMaker? 2022 Tkremind calendar - 2022 xscreensaver using .gif 2022 Window Maker on You Tube from today and back to the beginning of time Force neofetch to show an entry for "WM" -2023 BUTTONMAKER - Make a dockapp with icon for any program - 2023 Launch multiple instances of XTerm from one appicon? - 2023 WorkspaceBack in themes - useful information -2023 Usefull links Window Maker Tips and Tricks Window Maker - Your NeXT window manager r/windowmaker Window Maker Dockapps - tons of em
  2. Distrobox 1.3 Released For Quickly & Easily Firing Up Different Distros On Your System 89luca89 / distrobox project home page. There is a video on the page which is well worth a look. Distrobox has been successfully tested on these hosts Distrobox guests tested successfully with the following container images: distrobox/docs/usage well worth a read before using distrobox/docs/useful_tips well worth a read before using From my reading it seems easiest and safest to use distrobox with rootless Podman on a personal pc. If using on a remote pc extra care and steps must be taken for security. https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Podman#Rootless_Podman There are AUR offerings for distrobox and distrobox-git. The "distrobox" offering is the most recently updated. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/distrobox This looks to be a super project and pretty safe to use if using on your own pc. For instance I could use it with Arch in a container, fiddle about with it to destructin and not cause any damage to my main install.
  3. abarbarian

    Docker Images

    I have been keeping an eye on the Docker program for some while and whilst I have yet to give it a run I think it is one of the most exiting developments in the IT world. It seems to have some advantages over programs like VM or Virtual Box. Not familiar with docker ! Well if you do not get up to speed then like the dinosaur you will become extinct.Here is a some information to stop that happening. Solomon Hykes Explains Docker (2013) I know I am a couple of years late in posting this but as they say better late than never. So this thread is dedicated to Docker images that are becoming available. Docker images of Kali Linux 2.0 (2015) Has anyone used Docker ? If so please do post your experiences.
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