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Found 3 results

  1. Full Size Windows 7.
  2. RichardKR

    Adding an SSD to my Desktop

    Hi all. I've been staring at my huge tower and have decided it needs some TLC. First I'm removing the card reader that filled the old Floppy space as it won't read >2gb cards. 2 screws and a plug and poof! gone. In it's place I'm putting a 10 port USB thingy and getting rid of the one sitting on the case with only 5 ports. Anybody want it? I'll send it to ya'. Then while the slabs of sheet metal are off I'll put in the Intel network card that's been on the shelf for 6 months. I'm currently using the MB's wireless, but that's not ideal. Don't know why the MB's Ethernet connector failed. So after these "Massive" updates I got to thinking that while the case is opened, maybe I should replace the C: drive with an nice SSD, maybe 128GB. But after kinda reading stuff about them, I think I'd better as this question: What do I need to know to add a SSD to my Win7pro, Intel dual core machine? Can I image the stuff on my current C: drive to it like it was a regular disk drive? Any settings I should change in BIOS? Windows? I can't seem to find a handy spot that covers these things, is there a site that would give advice that an oldy but moldy like me can understand? Hope all of you folks are doing fine and let me know about the usb hub.
  3. A brand new HP Intel Core i5 laptop with 6GB RAM I think it was. It came with a trial of Norton Internet Security that was never activated. Went to uninstall it from Uninstall Programs in the Control Panel here: See on right: Settings, Desktop, Control Panel, Personalization, PC info, Help. After uninstalling Norton, it looks closer to this: Now, that I see them both together I think I know what was happening. It looks like you get a totally different set of Settings links when you are on the Desktop than what you see when you are on the Start 'page'. Has anyone else noticed this? Or was this really something weird that happened from uninstalling Norton LOL!
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