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Found 2 results

  1. Here's a guy from "inside" the TV and Movie content world that really get's it. Content distribution for the digital age and fight piracy at the same time. , under 5 minutes.
  2. I don't know about you, but I do not want my TV or video/DVD/Bluray player watching me while I watch whatever content I want to watch. I would not be able to relax to watch a movie under those conditions. They have no right to 'monitor' your viewing of anything. OK, so what am I talking about? CONTENT DISTRIBUTION REGULATION BY VIEWING USER - USPTO That's just the abstract! Check out the details; see in particular #1, #8, #15. This is so they can have content that can be 'licensed' but by the number of viewers in a room to see it. The only way they can prove that no one slips in to see it is to continuously monitor the room for additions during the viewing. This is totally nuts! They have no right to subject anyone to that kind of licensing. It is bad enough already. What a bunch of lunatics at Microsoft and the MPAA and other copyright holders if they think people will put up with this. But then again, look what many people will allow the TSA to do...nevermind... I am thoroughly disgusted that Microsoft would be a part of this at all. Shame on you Microsoft. And what's next? Now that they are allowed to 'monitor' you like Big Brother, what's next? Doesn't matter what you are watching, they can monitor you in your own home? Or at a bar, or restaurant? What about when you are watching at home; or have your TV/monitor on during the day or while you are cleaning, walking around your home not entirely clothed, or doing whatever you might want to do in your own home? Monitored just because the TV/Monitor is on? This is insane IMHO. No I am not kidding. This is insane thinking that Microsoft and the MPAA or whatever copyright holders are in on this.
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