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Found 2 results

  1. An Interactive Terminal-Agnostic Theme Selection Script https://github.com/lemnos/theme.sh the script itself https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lemnos/theme.sh/master/bin/theme.sh There are AUR packages but why on earth would you want to use it rather than installing directly I do not understand. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages?O=0&SeB=nd&K=+theme.sh&outdated=&SB=p&SO=d&PP=50&submit=Go This is the easiest way I have found for trying out different looks in the terminal. I gave the script a once over to see if it contained any naughties.Installed " fzf " so that I could use the interactive feature.Then I used the install code modified to suit my needs, I keep all my scripts in /home/me/bin/, an in a couple of clicks I was trying out hundreds of different setups. I ended up with " dracula " but quite like the look of " birds-of-paradise " . I may use some of the ideas I glean to tweak my set up slightly after I have played around for a while.
  2. In addition to the new upgraded forums, we also have an additional theme/skin that allows you to pick your own colors! It's the IPB Unlimited theme that you can see on the dropdown menu in the lower left corner of the forum: If you prefer the original blue IP.Board theme, choose the IPB.Board theme: I wanted green for mine, so I chose the IPB Ultimate (imported) theme: Using the IPB Ultimate skin/theme, you just choose the little white paint brush in the right header area below the search and above the Recent posts: Choose the color range from the verticle color band in middle, then choose the specific color in that range, in the big box to the left in the color picker, then when you like it, click the green checkbox. Done. Enjoy!
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