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Found 4 results

  1. Well I am pleased with Manjaro so far and it is working fine with the Cinnamon DE. I did have a small problem with plank which I use at the bottom of the Desktop. I installed it from the repos, but it would not start when Manjaro started. It took me awhile to figure out how to make it start when Manjaro starts. It was real easy to fix. All I had to do was add it to the Startup Application Menu. Everything is working great so far and I was able to configure it the way I want using the Cinnamon DE. I tried Endeavor, but it had to many problems and Cinnamon DE did not work well with it. So far Manjaro has worked flawlessly. Mint is still my Primary OS, but Manjaro could replace it if need be. I've now made Manjaro my secondary OS replacing Seduction. Mel
  2. So I installed LMC to a usb. Did some tweaking and installed stellarium, everything was ok, reboots worked. Then I thought maybe me mate does not want auto login. Big mistake. I used the configuration program from LMC and unchecked the "auto login" boxes. Now I can not start LMC. Everything seems to work up to a point. I get some writing on a black screen, get the MINT logo and then some more writting. Up to this point this is as normal. Then the writing stops and tells me the system can not find this that or the other and drops me into a "init shell?" Which seems to be some sort of rescue (?) shell. I can type in "help" and get a list of commands I can use but have no idea how to use them. There is no shutdown or reboot option so I have to kill from the wall switch. Can anyone tell me what to do to save this install ? I could reinstall but have made quite a few changes and it is probably easier to save than reinstall. :'(
  3. I just installed the latest Debian Mint amd 64 version which is rolling distribution. I have not had to much luck in the past with rolling disto's. They seem to break to easy when updating or upgrading. I have had problems in the past with Linux Mint DE I have to say this one went pretty smooth although on first boot I got a blank screen after hard drive install. Thanks to Sunrat I knew what to do. I did a CTRL + ALT + F1 Logged in as user did a SU and then a apt-get update then apt-get install "firmware-linux-nonfree" I then did a ALT + F7 and startx logged out as su rebooted and logged in as user. Here I am. Everything appears to be working just fine. If this distro breaks then I will probably go back to mint standard version with cinnamon. I will keep this one backed up just in case there are problems. Mel
  4. I just installed LinuxBBQ Cinnamon desktop version. Everything worked for me right out of the box, even my ati radeon card. Wow! it is fast. it is the fastest of any distro I have tried for booting up except maybe LXLE. I was going to install Chromium (google chrome) but it said it was going to uninstall to many other things to install it. I like the cinnamon desktop and did not want it messed up by installing chromium. Will have to play with this awhile. during install it used some things from siduction and it is based on sid. I am using it as I write this. Mel
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