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Found 6 results

  1. DarkSerge

    Browser for older system

    Greetings everyone. General inquiry of curiosity. What browser might be good for an older system? I have an older laptop - Windows 10, 2.1 GHz Dual core Pentium x64, 4 GB RAM. I usually switch between Chrome and Firefox depending on what I want to do. Does anyone have an opinions on what's good for an older system?
  2. abarbarian

    Why, hello there, Foxy...

    Online face interface minus the vendor lock-in More at the Mozilla site https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/hello/ I seem to remember posting about this before but can not find the thread. Oh well it looks to be worth mentioning again.
  3. Adware vendors buy Chrome Extensions to send ad- and malware-filled updates Once in control, they can silently push new ad-filled "updates" to those users. http://arstechnica.com/security/2014/01/malware-vendors-buy-chrome-extensions-to-send-adware-filled-updates/ Something to watch for if you are a Chrome user.
  4. FTC bars advertising firm from sniffing browser histories - Computerworld FTC bars Epic Marketplace from sniffing through web users' history - the Inquirer A little background on Epic Marketplace Epic Media Group Announces Epic Marketplace as Consolidated Umbrella Brand for Integrated Social, Mobile and Display Advertising - PR Newswire What Happened To Epic Media Group? See Kinetic Social - adexchanger (this was from May 2012) - Be sure to check out the links in the article. Also it looks like they changed their website from epicadvertising.com to epicmarketplace.com based on the article above and the current LinkedIn info here. Hmmm...
  5. Firefox 14 Launches With Secure Search - WebProNews Much security fixes etc noted as well. It's not a big update but some fine additions, changes, fixes. And there's more to come! Firefox 15 Will Finally Fix Memory Leaks Caused By Add-Ons - WebProNews Finally!!! Thank you Mozilla Firefox Team!
  6. Mozilla Firefox 12.0 and Thunderbird 12.0 have been pushed out and I updated to both yesterday. They are working very well so far. No problems with any of the Extensions I use with Firefox 12.0 or Thunderbird 12.0, however Lightning 1.3 was updated to Lightning 1.4 during the install when it checked for updates to extensions. All going quite well. But I was careful too. I backed up my bookmarks .json for Firefox and copied my entire Thunderbird profile just to be sure. But it all went very well!
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