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  1. Greetings, I let a Comcast salesperson talk me into a different plan: "Starter Triple Play" for $109 per month. He said it was the same cable service, higher internet speeds, and phone service. After having second thoughts, I have been doing a lot of reading on the Comcast site and elsewhere, and am still quite bewildered about what hardware and Comcast internet plan I actually want. I am generally satisfied with the current speed performance of all my computer stuff (ignorance is bliss?). I am sometimes annoyed by dead or slow spots of the wireless connection to my iPad. I read an article stating that router placement has a huge impact on conection to various parts of the house. I plan to try moving the router from the edge of the house (where it is now) to somewhere closer to the center to see if that helps. What I have read from various sources online, I think I would prefer a separate modem and router instead of a wireless gateway . I need to return the gateway I had them send when I switched "plans" (in my ignorance). Currently, I rent the modem (Motorola SB5120) from Comacst, and own the router: Linksys Wireless G model WRT54GL. I would rather own a modem than effectively buy it from them many times over via rent. I don't care about the phone portion as I am satisfied with our plans from other companies. So, I'd like your advice on how to shop for a modem (so I don't pay rent), and what Comcast plan to get. And any other advice, for that matter.* Thank you, Steph *Like, don't take any wooden nickles ;-)
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