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Found 4 results

  1. abarbarian

    TICKR - Feed Reader

    Came across this rather neat program that has been resurrected after being dormant since 2011. Add A News Ticker To Your Desktop With TICKR (Scrolling News Feed Widget) The home site Latest News on your Desktop, in just a click ... The help files are useful https://www.open-tickr.net/help.php Just some links for RSS inspiration https://www.open-tickr.net/help.php https://www.nasa.gov/content/nasa-rss-feeds/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/10628494 Top 100 World News RSS Feeds Top 90 Linux RSS Feeds I made a short video, 12 mins long , 64 MB, which might be of interest, it shows tickr in use. A fantastic video of Tickr in use. I installed it on my Arch set up doing this after I cd'd into the tickr folder. ./configure make make check make install check sudo make install It installed and runs ok. I will eventually make a Arch PKGBUILD just to keep things tidy. This is a very neat program and is not too intrusive. I have set it to autostart when booting the system up and will continue to play around with it.
  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/more-torchwood-doctor-who-audiobooks?linkID=&mcID=102:5b73d5442cab4eca6c7c75d6:ot:56c3d5f0733462ca893e6e72:1&utm_source=Humble+Bundle+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2018_08_15_moredoctorwho_torchwoodaudio_bookbundle&linkID=&utm_content=cta_button I have put in my order and am willing to lend any of the books if folks want to have a listen.
  3. Does anyone fancy a game ? It would be easy to organise a cloud/Dropbox folder accessible by players for storing the game files. I was thinking of something like ZIM which is cross platform and easy to use for all the game instructions and gameplay. A chat program would be might be useful aswell so that folk could talk about the throw of the dice or the Gamemasters decisions. I was thinking of Hex-Chat but am not sure if it is cross platform. Playing the game would be simple. Discuss here in a thread a game and characters and decide on a Gamesmaster. Create a online folder containing ZIM. The Gamemaster issues instructions updates the folder and posts a notification in the forum thread. As each player takes a turn they record their actions in ZIM and updates the folder and posts a notice in the forum thread. Talk about the game could either be in the forum thread or in a chat program which ever folk feel is the best way. Players would not need to make instant decisions though they could if they wanted to. As folk have different calls on their time responding to the game would be to suit the player with say a 48 hour limit on turns. That is the basic outline if anyone is interested. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/doctor-who-rpg-books We could either get one copy of the game or each buy a copy the Humble folk support some good causes so I do not mind the individual copy route.
  4. http://linuxaria.com/article/surfraw-surf-the-web-from-the-cli?lang=en This is only a small part of the Elvi list. Now do not overload the CIA's servers folks
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