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Found 1 result

  1. macdunn

    What is AyovYewzo.dat

    I have been using Windows 7 Ultimate since, well, probably since it went Gold. Essentially no problems. Today, I made a regularly scheduled backup of the harddrive using Acronis TrueImage. No problems, as usual. However, when I restarted the computer, a 'RegSrv32' dialog box is displayed (now every time I restart) -- The module "C:\ProgramData\AyovYewzo.dat" failed to load. Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .DLL files. The specified module is not found. I checked the C:\ProgramData\ sub-directory and there is a copy of AyovYewzo.dat and OtagOdha.dat, neither of which means anything to me. I added a .bak extension to both and the OtagOdha.dat file recreated itself (without the .bak extension. I can find no information when doing a Google search. They are both 'called' in the Registry (I did a search using RegEdit) in Windows - Current Version - Run -- regsvr32.exe "C:\ProgramData\AyovYewzo.dat" regsvr32.exe "C:\ProgramData\OtagOdha.dat" I have no idea what either one does and if they are necessary. TIA, -Mac- OtagOdha.dat
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