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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a brand new unofficial respin of MX Linux tweaked for optimal audio performance and containing a nice collection of audio software and plugins. Developer is this guy called sunrat, although probably a more correct title would be "hack-togetherer of lots of other peoples' work". It's tweaked from a full version of the August MX snapshot, with Liquorix kernel, KXStudio repos and most of raboof's realtimeconfigquickscan script. It will run as a live CD/USB although I prefer to install it to HD/SSD for best experience. There will be an RC2 in a week or so as I already have a list of minor changes and requests for additional programs. I still have to add some documentation to explain what it is, but you can get the .iso file from here - https://sourceforge....o-sunrat/files/ Discussion thread is here - https://forum.mxlinu...?f=100&p=458605
  2. The club I work at has finally crawled out of the primeval analog ooze of a 20-year old (admittedly excellent) Yamaha PM4000 console. See here for a picture of old faithful. On Tuesday we took delivery of two Digico SD10 consoles, one for front-of-house and one for monitors. They cost over $80,000 each and are state of art and one of the best brands available. We are a crew of 4 sound engineers who work rosters to be House Tech each night for over 300 shows each year. None of us had experience with this desk and not much experience with digital consoles at all. We got the desks finally installed by 1am Wednesday morning and just checked if they worked before leaving for a short sleep; by 2pm we needed them ready for a soundcheck by The Church, one of Australia's premier bands and one of my favourites. It is testament to their good design and our crew's determination that they were set up in time and have performed flawlessly for 3 shows now, all with zero help from anyone with relevant knowledge or experience! I was asked less than 2 weeks ago to become the resident expert and consultant for the first few shows. I'm happy to say I managed to learn enough very quickly to pull it off, and actually amazed myself and the others to boot. They look like this (click to enbiggen):
  3. V.T. Eric Layton

    Audio Problem w/ Linux Mint 12

    OK, all you Linux hardware experts, I have an interesting dilemma for you to discuss. I recently set up a system for my brother that is using an older MSI RS480M mobo that was originally in an eMachine. It has standard baloney onboard audio. However, I had a nice Dynex DXSC51 sound card just lying around out in the shop, so when I set the system up for him, I included the high perf sound card. It works great in MS Windows. However, Linux Mint does not see the sound card (PCI). It only sees the AC-97 onboard audio. In the past, when I've run across a Linux distro that behaves like this, I've just disabled the onboard audio from within the BIOS and VOILA! Linux detects and uses the PCI sound device. That's not a happening fix in this situation, though. The BIOS has no provision for disabling onboard audio. Anyone have any other suggestions? Keep in mind, this will be difficult for me to troubleshoot because the system is 800 miles away from me in Fairfax, VA now. Are there any other possible ways that I can get Linux to use this card? Or is my brother doomed to using the onboard audio?
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