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Found 1 result

  1. I know some folks have noted that the forum doesn't give an easy way to link works to the web address within forum posts. Like Josh noted in a later post in this topic, the easiest way is to highlight some text in your posting and click the link. It asks for the URL and go. Two steps and you are done. But there are times when you really wish to have the entire article title and copying and pasting it you end up with some huge header text like below and want to bring it down a notch or two. The following method makes it easy under those circumstances. Under these circumstances, the best way to do it is very similar to the way you would do it in a blog posting. 1. Add or paste* words that you want to be the link such as the title of an article 2. Highlight the words that you want to be linked: remove formatting: make the text bold if you like and add the publication name after the article name: 3. While all the words you want to be linked are highlighted, click the gray/green link icon in the formatting bar: and paste* the link address (NOTE: you can go between your browser tabs to snag the link address) 4. Done *paste - this is usually what I do. I copy the article title from the article itself and paste it. Often it's a 'title text which is way too big. So I highlight the text I just pasted and click the pink/white eraser remove format icon to the right of the light switch and it removes all formatting. Not much harder than the way we used to do it and makes things look better. Of course you can still just post links but no one will know what it is and they may not want to click the link. Up to you. NOTE: I have noticed that you need to get to the literal end of the line after the link to type information that does not become part of the link. To do that, I have found the easiest way is to use the down arrow a couple times at the end of the link. That will move you to the end after the link ends and it won't be part of the link. Also helps for getting to the end of bold type, color or other formatting as well. Hope that helps.
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