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  1. abarbarian

    GNU Screen

    I was recently introduced to ssh'ing recently. I had never used this before and was suprised at how easy it was to set up. So when I came upon this article on GNU Screen I did some further reading. http://www.archlinux.../x86_64/screen/ http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/ This seems like a pretty good tutorial on screen. http://www.rackaid.c...ial-and-how-to/ Whilst the articl itself was interesting several of the comment were of equal interest. To join a screen that is already attached, use: screen -x screenid You can get the screen ID number using list: [root@gigan ~]# screen -list There is a screen on: 29878.pts-6.gigan (Attached) screen -x 29878.pts-6.gigan Will attach you to that screen. Both users have control so be careful. I use this when training or reviewing staff. There is also BYOBU an extra for screen that adds extra functionality. https://aur.archlinu...es.php?ID=28295 http://www.serverwat...-but-Better.htm Screen is available for most distros but I have only included the links for Arch. Happy ssh'ing.
  2. http://linuxaria.com/article/surfraw-surf-the-web-from-the-cli?lang=en This is only a small part of the Elvi list. Now do not overload the CIA's servers folks
  3. http://www.muktware....rch-linux-noobs Thought this might interest some folk.
  4. I am receiving this error on my freshly installed Arch Linux. error: firefox: signature from "Ionut Biru........" is invalid. error: failed to commit transaction (invalid or corrupted package (PGP signature)) I have installed a bunch of other packages, but when I tried to install Firefox, no good. This is one of the five master signers in the Arch system. I have tried deleting my pacman cache and refreshing. I have removed my keyring and re-installed it with pacman-key --init pacman-key populate archlinux I have refreshed the list, confirmed the 5 master signing keys and switched the key server to the one at MIT that is recommended in Troubleshooting guide. I tried a bunch of different searches at the Arch Forums but found nothing closely related. Any ideas what might be going on or where I should look next?
  5. Long story short - I need to re-install Arch on my main desktop and want you Grub2 experts to advise me on how to do it. Short stroy long - I am posting this from my LiveUSB of PartedMagic (yes I just made my monthly donation to Patrick Verner who is the developer). Why am I posting this from PartedMagic you ask? Good question! Two days ago I decided to make Clonezilla images of all my computers, I have not done so in several months and it was overdue. Laptop went smooth and fast (SSD/USB3.0, 'nuff said). Wife's/son's computer no problems. Half way through creating the image on my desktop Clonezilla froze, froze hard, and would not resume, cancel, or quit. I tried to kill the process on the cli, no go. I tried to kill it with no holds barred, no go. So I had to hard shutdown the machine with the power switch (I hate doing that but sometimes you just have to). I don't know yet if it was a problem with the discs, the filesystem, or the hardware. I'll get to that after I have made copies of all my files, I have copies on several online storage systems and local copies, but you can never be too sure. Since I have been having misc. little issues with graphics, gtk integration, and flashplugin crashing all the time (caused by my tinkering, except maybe flash it just sucks) I want to do a fresh install. If I am going to do a fresh install, I might as well learn about GRUB2 and do it from the start. Also, since I have had very little trouble from systemd on the laptop, I will upgrade the desktop to systemd now also. So what do you advise for a fresh install using GRUB2 from the start? Are there any special things to do during the installer? Do I need to make any other related changes to make it all work? I've read the ArchWiki and the GRUB2 docs online, but you know it's always better to have someone who's done it talk you through it.
  6. arochester

    Nosonja Linux

    Because I had a stroke and suffered "cognitive impairment" I found it hard to install Arch. I tried it a few times but it seemed too long and difficult for me to stick with it. I recently discovered Nosonja Linux. It came as a livecd. It is based on Arch, Xfce4. It has an installer for the distro and then uses PacmanXG4 as a GUI installer for apps (a bit like Synaptic) and Yapan as an updater. I then installed Bridge Linux on my Desktop. Again based on Arch, Xfce4,a livecd. I installed PacmanXG4 and Yapan. I had lots of error messages but worked through them and finally got them fully working. Nosonja Linux is very good for newbies. http://nosonja.org/
  7. abarbarian

    Mount problem

    http://imgbox.com/aaq2SRNM Since I put the archarm image on to a sd card I get "mount" showing up in top(see image above).Mount is running at 100% all the time which surely is not good. I tried "kill -9 ****" and "kill ****" but nothing works. If I reboot "mount" does not show in top until I open spacefm and have a look at the drives section. Any ideas folks ?? :'(
  8. abarbarian

    Unashamed Arch plug

    KISS simplicity: Arch Linux by Guillermo Garron
  9. I am trying to follow this guide http://forums.scotsnewsletter.com/index.php?showtopic=52921&hl= Trouble is I have a .deb file not a .tar file. Will the guide work on a .deb and how do I proceed ?
  10. OK, there was this unusual update in AUR for Java JRE. You had to manually download the tarball from Oracle's site before continuing with the update. Once I did that, it kept saying my tarball wasn't in the proper directory. I put it in the directory it said to put it in, but no joy. I think it partially worked on one attempt, but now Java sites in Firefox totally lock-up the browser. Yaourt is still saying that JRE has not been updated. https://aur.archlinu...es.php?ID=51908 Any ideas?
  11. Here's how I did it: https://noctslackv1.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/common-mozilla-product-profiles-across-operating-systems/
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