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Found 4 results

  1. ross549

    Great Android Apps!

    Anyone know of any really great Android apps?I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II last week, and I would like some great apps to use. :)Adam
  2. Neil P

    iOS Apps

    There are hundreds of thousands of iOS apps, which ones do you use most? signifies the app is universal. All other are iPhone/iPod Touch apps unless specified Quora (Free; Requires free website account) - Very easy way to view and interact with Quora (http://www.quora.com/) on the go Tweetbot ($2.99; Requires free website account) - The best Twitter app there is, especially since the official Twitter app was eviscerated Netflix (Free; Requires paid subscription) - Netflix on the go, works over 3G. Killer on data if you use it a lot (I have unlimited though). Retina display makes it look good enough for iPhone use Facebook (Free; Requires free website account) - Access Facebook on the go, upload images, etc. Recently updated to have the Timeline Flipboard (Free; Free sign-up in app) - Formerly an iPad only app recently turned universal. Great way to view news in a magazine-like format The Weather Channel (Free; Paid version available for $3.99) - One of the best ways to check the weather. Gives current, hourly, 36 hour and 10 day forecasts. Has radar/maps. (iPad version) WolframAlpha ($2.99) - Use the powerful "computational knowledge engine" WolframAlpha (http://www.wolframalpha.com) on the go Path (Free, Free sign-up in app) - Path is a social journal of sorts. You can add a bunch of different things to your path, like thoughts, pictures, check-ins, what you're listening to, and more Those are all the apps on my home screen (that aren't default apps or probably only useful to me), so they're my most used.
  3. Apps for Windows 8 easily hacked - H-Online I wondered about this. Especially after the vulnerabilities of the Gadget Platform on Windows 7 and Microsoft telling everyone to disable the Gadget Platform. (1,2,3,4) From the (2) link at ZDNet: And this from same article: Microsoft is telling people to totally disable the Gadget Platform, see the following as was noted in the (4) link at Microsoft TechNet: I have been disabling it on all client computers for months now as we have appts. I first became worried about Gadget Platform vulnerabilities about a year or so ago when a client's Windows 7 Gadgets all turned black from some sort of hack. If they could do that to the gadgets, they could do so much more. And now, this about Windows 8 Apps ... but aren't the Apps just another form of Gadgets for or less?
  4. abarbarian


    http://f-droid.org/ http://www.thepowerbase.com/2012/08/f-droid-the-android-market-that-respects-your-rights/ Might be of some interest to folks with posh phones.
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