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Found 1 result

  1. Purhonen


    Got a question about cloning programs between two different versions of Windows Operating Systems (OSes). I am NOT asking about cloning the OS itself, just a couple of specific programs. Here's the scenario: - I have an HP Desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium and it has two proprietary security programs. One operates our condo complex's garage door entry, and, the other operates the building's door entry system. - These programs cost ~$300 + labor for installation; so they're not cheap. They've been running pretty much trouble free for about six years now for what that's worth. - Our HP Desktop is dying - or more accurately, we think Vista is killing it, i.e. we think the problem is with the OS not the PC. - If we downgrade to Windows XP SP 3 we would like to be able to clone the two security programs so we don't have do buy another license. (We can't upgrade to Windows 7 because the programs' versions are too old; nor, I've been told, would they run in Compatibility Mode on a Windows 7 installation) - Would these cloned two programs work on XP? Or, is cloning only intended/designed for cloning complete OS? Steve
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