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  1. OK, there are some things that are just unfathomable! A friend has installed his new recovery disks on his new computer. He accidentally put in the wrong email address for his Microsoft Account. I went in and and changed to logging in locally temporarily, then removed the Microsoft Account (the wrong one). Then I went back in after a reboot and after creating a brand new Outlook.com Microsoft Account for him with all the security checks in place, etc. Now, we are having some fun. I went back to using a Microsoft Account and put in his new Outlook.com Microsoft Account in while I was on a remote with him. It did all it was supposed to except when I clicked on Trust PC, it won't do it. It just goes to a page with all text including the link telling us we have to go to this link to see trusted devices. When you copy and paste it, it goes right back to this stupid statement. OK, so then I found something that talked about reinstalling Windows and having to wait 30 days before you can use the Store or install Windows 8.1 or anything! Well not anything. I was able to see email in the Mail app on the Start Page and can see the things in the Store but when you click, it doesn't go anywhere. I has been a bit of a nightmare because we are trying to determine if there are other hardware issues on this computer. Here's what I posted at Sysnative. I haven't received a response as yet so I thought I would also post here:
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