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Linusí Dive Computer Ramblings

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Posted 03 November 2014 - 06:00 PM


I decided I should put together a list of computers I’ve used, with commentary about them.
I’m going to completely ignore the low end that doesn’t even allow downloading of dive data, and quite frankly, I personally have used only a few so the list starts out smallish.

Suunto EON Steel

The most recent dive computer I’ve been diving is the new Suunto EON Steel, which was announced in early October 2014, and should be shipping in November. I got early access to one, complete with pre-release firmware that has so far gotten two updates already.

The EON Steel gets its own heading, because it’s so different from the other traditional Suunto dive computers. It’s clearly a whole new design from the ground up, both inside and out. It does have the same Suunto RGBM (reduced-gradient bubble model) decompression model, but even there Suunto added new less conservative settings, so you have more control over the use of it, and you should be able to avoid the biggest issue with Suunto dive computers, namely the excessive (at times) conservatism. That said, I’ve so far only used the default “P0″ mode, which was, apart from no-fly times, very similar to previous dive computers.

I’ll have to mention the big downside with the EON Steel first, because it’s really the only big problem with the computer, but it is also very obvious: it’s a big, hefty, and very heavy piece of equipment. Now, you might find it odd that I call something that weighs only 350g (so about 12 ounces, or three quarters of a pound) “heavy”, but for a wrist-mounted computer it really is a pretty big deal.

Now, 350g on your wrist is absolutely nothing if you are doing technical diving in a drysuit, and the rest of your equipment weighs on the order of 60kg anyway. Dual cylinders for bottom air, a cylinder or two for the deco stage, backplates and other weights -- who really cares? And technical divers is clearly the main intended market for the EON Steel, with native trimix support right out of the box (something you often have to pay extra for) and support for at least ten cylinders.

And hey, I’m deco and trimix certified, and I own a drysuit, so I should be all good to go, right? 350g isnothing, and I’m a big whiner for even mentioning it. Yes, yes. yes. Except......


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