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  • Recent Posts

    • saturnian
      Maybe keep at least one. Debian Stable is kinda boring, ha-ha.
    • V.T. Eric Layton
      This was a great little CPU. I first experienced one of these in a Dell laptop that Josh gave to me a few years ago. Man, would that thing just screamed running Slackware. The LCD took a poop on me, though. I could run it with ext. monitor, but I eventually scrapped it for parts. Sad.   Oh, it was a Dell Latitude:  
    • saturnian
      Wow, 12 years! Well, I'll stick with my approach -- running a rolling-release distro (Arch) and also running  Debian Stable. It still kinda surprises me how "stable" Arch can be, but after all this time I still feel better having Stable available, just in case.
    • sunrat
      This system is 12 years old! well, some of it. Core2Duo E8500 but SSD and 2 HDs, graphics card, RAM, PS are all newer. Progress report - Thunderbird set up and working just by copying profile. Most visual tweaks done such as fonts and themes. Repos set up and working including one for Strawberry music player. A few more applications installed and Ktorrent working. Syncthing is probably the next and last major config left to do. This was a minimal netinstall so I have avoided having lots of applications which I never use like siduction had as that was a full install. It's quite refreshing to have it so lean, only 5.9GiB so far of which 841MiB is /home. I was really looking forward to Plasma 5.18 after seeing some of the nice new features and improvements in the works - https://kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.17.90.php But I guess it will be in Bullseye when that is released next year-ish. I won't be removing my siduction installs though. Need to ween myself off gradually. 😜
    • Hedon James
      Well, you're making me feel a whole lot better about my recent decision to migrate to Debian Stable.  I've been on a quest for a rolling release distro, and I've been mostly pleased with Siduction and Sparky, but when something hiccups, it's just a huge PITA.  I dont care about the latest & greatest software, as I don't feel I'm missing any features in the software I use.  So for me, it's about breaking the cycle of Lubuntu LTS re-installation every 2 years.  But the trade-off for never having to reinstall again is being constantly on edge, and aware, of every update/upgrade.   So I decided to look into the longest "support" window I could find, sticking with my old & familiar apt-foo.  And it looks like Debian Stable is that beast, with the added bonus of "rock solid", with an approximately 5+/- year support window.  I think I read that some linux server distros have 10-year support.  I might look into that, and add my desktop GUI.  Are there any desktop distros that offer MORE than 5 year support windows?  I'm not aware of any, but ears are open if I'm wrong.   I figure that if I can get ONE distro-upgrade out of it, my hardware will be 10-15 years old, and probably time to upgrade hardware again.  On paper, that sounds ideal....hoping that reality delivers on the promise of the ideality.
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