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Hedon James

looks like I missed a lot of this conversation.  Sorry Rejean!  But you were in good hands with SB and he said everything I would've said too.  I concur with his diagnosis.  Your hardware listed doesn't have a bluetooth device.  I bought a bluetooth usb dongle for one of my desktops at my local Walmart for maybe $20 if I remember correctly.  I'm pretty sure it's an IO Gear brand, but it's been awhile.  The list is dated, but here's what Ubuntu confirms working out of the box:



The only thing I might add is that it's been awhile since I used Ubuntu proper.  14.04 LTS was my last version, and bluetooth was challenging back then.  I chalked it up to my inexperience with bluetooth, because when I switched to Lubuntu 16.04 I had to install bluetooth completely, using a tutorial very similar to what I previously linked for you.  That went off perfectly, with no hitches whatsoever, confirming my opinion that my initial bluetooth issues were due to me.  But now I see what you're going through, and I'm remembering some bits of similar experience with Ubuntu bluetooth, so it's not just you buddy.


Memory is a little foggy from something that happened 1x about 6 years ago, but I think I remember that Ubuntu has an incomplete presentation of bluetooth.  What they provide works, of course, but to make it more user-friendly requires a "bluetooth manager" GUI called "Blueman".  As I recall, Blueman was the holy grail that provided a user-friendly GUI to manage bluetooth connections.  I see that Blueman is included in the linked tutorial, but you didn't get to that step yet, FWIW.


EDIT:  YES!  Found this recent article from October 2019. 


I remember this....Ubuntu ships with gnome-bluetooth (GUI) as a frontend for bluez (backend), but blueman is more user-friendly (at least it was back then, and sounds like still is).  Whatever you've uninstalled from 'Buntu 20.04 you can re-install with this tutorial, and I strongly recommend you do the GTK install to get blueman as your GUI manager...then switch to my 1st linked tutorial and follow for the "how to" using blueman.  As long as you buy a compatible bluetooth usb-dongle, I think you'll find the rest very easy.  😉

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Just to add, now bluetooth just works on the majority of distros including Ubuntu. Of course, you must set it up on Archlinux (like everything else ;) )

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On 2/27/2020 at 3:29 AM, securitybreach said:

... Cosmic Clutter...


That there just nailed my general experience and opinion about anything to do with *buntu. :hysterical:



PS. Bluetooth appears to be working OOTB with my new ThinkPad Yoga 11e with Debian/KDE. I don't actually have any Bluetooth devices to test it, but the panel widget is active and it shows bt in lspci.

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