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winload.efi error warning on W7 boot up.

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After a recent update my W7 pc refused to boot with a blck screen and a "winload.efi" error. Seems that the files signature or the file is corrupted.


I tried using the W7 install disk to repair the fault. I got a command line up and entered,





which both suggested they had completed OK


then entered,




which told me everything was OK but it also told me there were no window os installed.


Can anyone offer any insight to my problem.



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In your linux thread you said this

I dual boot Arch and W7 on a GPT UEFI set up.
So you shouldn't be using BOOTREC/FIXMBR if the hd is partitioned GPT.


Perhaps this article, under Windows 7 will help. Note: I've never used GPT. I don't run Win 10 and all my boot hard drives are way under 1TB.


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