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Web-based Outlook Email: Unable to insert addressees


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Just today tried to send an email using my web-based Outlook email account (outlook.live.com; my address is xxxxxxxx@msn.com).

When I began typing a name in the TO: field the list of addressees which fit what I had thus far typed did come up in a list as usual, but when I clicked on the one I wanted nothing happened and nothing was inserted in the TO: field.

Now if I placed the cursor and clicked in the TO: field the characters that I had typed appear and not the email address of the person which I had selected in the list.

I tried sending an email to one of my other accounts just to see if it would send, it would not. I even manually typed the email address in the TO: field and still no go.

Baffled, need help.


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I created a test email on outlook.live.com using my xxx@live.com address. Typing the first character of the name brought up the list, clicked it, typed another character also brought up the list, repeated and each address was displayed correctly.


What happens if you open your contacts ("People")? I tried it that way as well, placing a check in the box next to several contact names and then clicked the "Send email" link.

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Just found the answer (dumb me this is something anyone with any geek-sense would do automatically!).

Cleared the cache and cookies in the browser I was using (updated Chrome) . . . worked fine.

Also, while I was stewing I tried sending an email using (updated) Firefox and it worked fine.

Thanks to anyone who viewed this.


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