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Win 10 and High Screen Resolution

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Windows 10 on a 13" hp touchscreen laptop.

Resolution = 1900 x 1080


but the icons on the desktop are fairly good sized!


RDP onto another machine, and some apps absolutely spilled out of the RDP window, no RDP settings made a difference.




r. clicked the screen and discovered that the display was set to magnify all to 150% !

with a warning that many apps won't work if you reduce the magnification.


Well, I reduced it to 125% and the RDP screen was now able to contain the app that was too big to fit before.


(changing magnification requires log off and log back on.)



changing the magnification to 100% makes the icons too small to see!

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Thanks! glad to know it was not just me that this happened to :)

In my situation I understand why MSFT thought the change was a good idea but I wish W10 would have asked first.

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