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CW - chinese os


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here we go again!

a chinese replacement for your friend and mine, microsoft windows.



so, is it a reverse-engineered xp?

if so, it will run pirated windows apps (probably.)

if not reverse engineered, will it run windows apps?

if it won't run pirated apps, who will write the new apps?


(it is not red flag linux revisited as the article mentions that defunct os separately. )

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V.T. Eric Layton

Wonder what their support will be like. Maybe American hackers should do all they can to trash the Chinese version of Rindows, huh?

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Guest LilBambi
"We hope to launch a Chinese-made desktop operating system by October supporting app stores," Ni Guangnan of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told the trade paper, according to a translation by Reuters on Sunday.


Don't think that will be like XP at all. XP doesn't have app stores, or even one app store.


Are they saying it will support Google Play and other Android style app stores or Microsoft's Windows App store?


Almost sounds like they will be doing their own fork of Android maybe?

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Guest LilBambi



Red Flag Linux 6.0 was first released on 29 September 2007.

Beside specialised solutions, Red Flag Linux has the following products:

  • Red Flag Asianux Server 3
  • Red Flag HA Cluster 6.0
  • Red Flag Desktop 6.0 Linux*

The internal structure of Red Flag Linux is very similar to Red Hat Linux, using a similar installer. The desktop of Red Flag Linux bears a high resemblance to that of Windows XP, ranging from its desktop theme to icons, which the distributor claims eases operating system transition.


*Removed Chinese Characters that were not working right in the forums in English.

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