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Speeding up Firebird!

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For those of you just getting into using Firebird, or those of you who have been using it for awhile, but would like to get the most out of it, they've setup a great page with all sorts of easy tweaks you can make to get the most out of your browser. Tips & TricksTo configure these tweaks, you'll need to know where your profile is saved, as well as what files to edit. The process is relatively easy to figure out, but they give a very good explanation here: Configuration InfoThe neat thing about your profile is that it doesn't change when you install a new version of Firebird... this means that anything you change in the profile only has to be done once B) If you're running multiple computers, copying the contents of the profile folder to other computers makes setting up Firebird easy... You don't have to go through and reset your homepage or anything! It's very slick. Back to the tips & tricks.... my favorite tip (works the best on fast computers is the Speed Up Page Rendering tip. It's made a world of difference on my home PC as far as the speed of page loading... It hasn't seemed to make much difference on my Celeron 333 machine at work, but if your processor is faster than this one, it'll make a very noticeable difference! <_< There's all sorts of other tips... one resets the address field so that if you just type in plain words, it'll do a google search. The default setting does the "I'm feeling lucky" google search, taking you to the best match based on your search... I've found it much more convenient to just have it do a regular search... Play with it and see what you think! I'd love to hear about everyone else's favorite Firebird tweaks! ;)

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Guest LilBambi

Ryan --Thanks! Great info on those sites.It's funny, I accidentally hit on how to make it always do the Google search in Firebird and now that I chose it once from the drop down window, it always remembers my preference.It is a very nice fast browser.

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I have tried Phoenix 0.5 and Firebird 0.6 now. I heard about this new browser right here in SFNL Forums. I'd have to agree that it probably deserves a category all its own. Although I have just started learning this engine, I already have that feeling of empowerment. It will no doubt see a lot of use here. There are so many things to like. It has that 'clean' reputation to begin with, being in the Mozilla open source domain, and you gotta like the built-in popup killer. I was also especially tickled at the way you can add extensions so easily. I put Nuke Image on in a heartbeat! One right click, then a left click in the drop down menu and the graphic is banished. But the best part of all is that easy method of customizing the browser, as mentioned in this thread. Fantastick! I think I will experiment with a few of the items suggested- the 0 millisecond delay time when loading pages sounds great! Heck, this browser is already noticeably faster on my machine, and it sounds like that can get even better. Zowie! This is my kind of software. You know what? I especially like that it works in Linux. I just have a hunch that is going to come in _real_ handy one of these days. I love to download and try software, and finding this one is definitely a fun experience!

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