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Seafile -- open source DropBox alternarive


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In the past I’ve tested ownCloud a good solution for hosting a personal solution of cloud storage for your files, or perhaps your team, but there is also an interesting alternative: Seafile another open source file synchronization tool, it comes with Dropbox-like file syncing, but is designed to be better suited to teamwork with some of the features that are oriented to this such as:

1) Users can create and join groups, then share files to the group. This makes it convenient for teamwork.

2) Files are organized into libraries, each be selectively synced to your computer. Libraries can be synced with any local folders.

3) Online file collaboration features, such as PDF and Office file preview and file commenting.

You can build a file sharing and syncing service for your team on your servers with ease.






What drew my attention to this was that they have a Raspberry Pi version and apparently it runs ok on said machine. On the face of it it looks like a great way for folks to share files whether they are in a team or not. :breakfast:

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