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[arch-announce] Final sysvinit deprecation warning


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Tom Gundersen wrote:

As previously announced, `initscripts` are no longer receiving any testing and

support has been dropped from various packages. Any users still using them

should switch to `systemd`.


`initscripts`, `sysvinit` and the various `rc` scripts are being removed from

the repositories to avoid any confusion about their status.


URL: https://www.archlinux.org/news/final-sysvinit-deprecation-warning/


Wondering if this is where my SAMBA issue came from, believe I am still running SAMBA via init especially considering the error I got in webmin about /etc/rc.d/samba ? Hmmmmmmmm

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Show the status of a unit, including whether it is running or not:

$ systemctl status <unit>



for these units








File and print services for Microsoft Windows clients.


an it will tell you if they are running on systemd.






Posted from my did not have to reinstal Arch 64 :harhar:

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Stone the crows !!! You mean I actually gave someone some useful info. Phew I'll have to sit down and have a cup of tea :breakfast: Tea is very good for shock don't you know.

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VERY Useful info Abarbarian. Thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. And I have learned A LOT more than this from you while here at BATL. THanks my friend. :)

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