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Eric Legge

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Matt Hartley of Lockergnome.com wrote that Boomer from http://www.sausage.com/boomer.html is the most amazing piece of software he has come across in years.Convert video: GIF, JPG, AVI, BMP, and PNG to Flash MX. Convert audio: MP3 or WAV to Flash MX. Create Flash MX web buttons, logos, banner ads and slideshows for your website. Make presentations: panning, fades, transitions, etc. Optionally produce a complete web page with the correct HTML code generated automatically by Boomer v4.0. Looks pretty good to me for a mere $70. Is anyone able to make any comments backed up by experience of using this program?Eric,http://www.legge40.freeserve.co.uk/BuyerBeware.htm

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Guest LilBambi

I bought the Boomer Special through the LG deal ... I love it! Came with 3 programs and they are great for making flash elements/animations.I used Boomer to create the audio links for KarenMcDine.com - click on the "Lyrics and Audio Samples" link if you'd like to check them out. (Karen McDine is a local musician and songwriter in the Norfolk, VA area.)I also used Boomer to create the slideshow on my personal page for our Granddaughter Megan - Without the music for dialup and one with the music as well:http://www.jim-fran.com/bambi/aboutme.html

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