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OUYA: A $99 Android Linux Game Console

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Well this could go in several places:




Mobility (since its Android based)


but Hardware is fine (I believe). :thumbup:


BTW I will be buying one of these at $99 when they come out.

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Guest LilBambi

Hardware is great!


I want one of these!! :D


OUYA: A New Kind of Video Game Console - Kickstarter



Did you see Kickstarter's blog post on it from July 11th?


Ouya’s Big Day - Kickstarter blog


Yesterday a video game project called Ouya became the eighth project in Kickstarter history to raise more than a million dollars, and the fastest ever to do so. Ouya hit the total in just over eight hours, shattering the previous record. Here’s how long it took each million-dollar project to cross the threshold:

  1. OUYA — 8 hours and 22 minutes
  2. Double Fine Adventure — 17 hours and 30 minutes
  3. Pebble — 27 hours
  4. Wasteland 2 — 41 hours
  5. Shadowrun Returns — 7 days
  6. The Order of the Stick — 27 days, 5 hours
  7. Amanda Palmer — 27 days, 12 hours
  8. Elevation Dock — 57 days

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