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LinkedIn confirms password loss

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Guest LilBambi

Yes, it's not the only one though. I got an email from libre.fm saying they have forced a reset on all passwords:


As you may have seen, both Last.fm and LinkedIn have had a number of passwords compromised. As a precaution, ALL Libre.fm user passwords have been reset to a random, secure password.


We know this is annoying, but a number of Libre.fm users will have used the same password on one or more of these sites, and so we request that you reset your password to continue using the site. And don't worry, your music player will cache your listens, so nothing is lost!


As ever, you can send me your direct feedback and requests for support to Matt Lee, founder of Libre.fm mattl@cnuk.org, or visit #libre.fm on irc.freenode.net.


Thank you, and thanks for your support of Libre.fm


To reset your Libre.fm password, visit the site and click "Log-in" then click on the "Lost Password" link at the bottom of the page. --- Matt Lee Founder, Libre.fm


BTW: This type of thing is supposed to be in Security & Networking so all good. But nothing wrong with it in Social Media either. :thumbsup:


My passwords have all been changed on all three sites. Nice long passwords using a password generator. ;)

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