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The Raspberry Pi

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Raspberry Pi 4




8GB £74

4GB £54

2GB £34


Those are not bad prices for a entry level pc.The good old PI has come a long way since it was first released.


This might be of interest to folk in warmer climates,


Fan SHIM for Raspberry Pi



Make your Raspberry Pi 4 seriously cool with Fan SHIM! This 30mm no-solder, controllable CPU fan with RGB LED and tactile switch will give your Raspberry Pi significantly better thermal performance. It's whisper-quiet too!

Fan SHIM uses a friction-fit header, so it just slips onto your Pi's pins and it's ready to go, no soldering required! Note that, due to the height of the fan, if you want to use HATs or pHATs with Fan SHIM, then you'll need to use a booster header.




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Very cool. They sure have come a long way. I still have one of the original B models with 256mb ram and now they offer an 8gb model. I still have a couple of 1gb RPi 3s as well (one running Pi-Hole DNS for my network).

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They definitely have matured well and could take the place of a lot of other larger computers for most tasks. I've considered one for ages but the only thing I'd use it for would be a media player and my old LG G3 phone does a great job at that. Plus I have 2 desktops, a notebook, and an old EeePC.

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The nice thing is that Canonical now supports the Raspberry Pi. They have a 64-bit Focal Fossa server image now and last week they said they will be bringing out soon the Raspberry Pi Desktop edition.

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