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greets.in setting up win 7, i put together a list of how-to's and can't-do's.some of the answers were provided by you, here at scot's.it turned out to be a 22 page (so far) fully illustrated (where applicable) guide.if anyone wants, pm me and we'll figure out how to transfer it to you.topics:Add HyperTerminalAdd Programs To The Start MenuAuto Hot KeyBrother 1950 Label PrinterCalibrate Monitor(s)Change Background to SolidCreate A ShortcutCute PDF WriterFoxit ReaderInstall MVP Hosts FileInstalling the HP LJ 1320Net Send and Msg CommandsPinning Frequently Used DocumentsResponse to R Clicking a File is SlowRunning XP ProgramsSet File AssociationSet Up Network Admin ToolsSetting File View OptionsSticky NotesThe Shut Down MenuTurn Hibernation On or OffTurn On or Off - Windows FeaturesWindows 7 and Disks, Folders, and FilesWindows Help FilesWiresharkadded:turn on / off hibernate (per microsoft kb)calibrate monitor <--- you must do!index by titleindex by page

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am attempting to do something more with "sticky notes" to include fonts and saving - there's a single file that holds them... even after delete....and... network discovery and... admin account strangeness (noticed on 3 sep. pcs w/win 7 pro)will announce then send to chipdoc to host.thanks very much chipdoc for hosting.

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