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Dual Monitor with Linux?

Guest ThunderRiver

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Guest ThunderRiver

Well, you see, my desktop is a bit old, and it doesn't come with AGP slot yet it supports Pentium III up to 900 Mhz.Anyway, it does have a bult-in Intel chipset for video card and sound card. The built-in one is quite sucky, and it only has 4 Mb of memory, but sound is fine. Since I don't have AGP slot, I had to get this PCI version of video card, but the thing is that Windows can do dual monitor with it, but I can't never get it to work in Linux. In fact, it seems to ignore the PCI card. Any ideas? Keep in mind that there is no BIOS setting to disable the built in video chip set, and no jumper to disable it either. so on start up, it will use the built-in video card by default. In Windows, I was able to tell it to load the PCI card as in the default video card, and the built-in one as secondary. The PCI one has 32 Mb of memory, so it does run abit fater than the built-in one.Any solutions to enable the dual desktop features when it comes to PCI card? Thanks

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