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whilst doing windows update (for the first time) on a new 2003 server box, something is attempting to redirect my browser session or part of it to view.atdmt.comi know about this because the server has "internet explorer enhanced security configuration" installed. this, of course, displays a pop up telling me the site i'm going to is not in the trusted zone (and from there you have to click add or you browse no further...)so, what is view.atdmt.com?(i've googled and read some, but is it a trojan, malware, spyware, virus or microsoft??)thx in advance!edit:http://advisor.aol.com/adspecs/addlThirdPartyAtlas.shtmlstill, is view.atdmt.com malware or spyware or whatware??

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SpywareHere are three things mentioned:a) check the computer for atlassolutions

click start menu/select run/type regedit in search box/click on my computer to highlight it/on the menu at top of page click edit/scroll down to find and click it/type atlassolutions in the search box/in the menu that appears you will see a folder named atlassolutions.com/click on this and the values show up on the right side of the page/double click on each value shown and delete the values that show up in the box that comes up/when you finish this go back to the folder atlassolutions in the left column right click on it and select deleteyou will also see a folder above it named atdmt/deleted its values in the same manner and then delete the atdmt folder.
b )
open internet explorer/click on tools menu/internet options/ privacy/ sites / type in atdmt.com/then block
c) put view.atdmt.com in your hosts file to block it Edited by zlim
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Hello,The view.atdmt.com site is hosted by Atlas Solutions, a company which provides services to other companies for running online marketing campaigns.If you go to Microsoft's web site to download Internet Explorer 7.0 directly, you are redirected through switch.atdmt.com in the course of downloading the file.In this case, I would guess Microsoft is using Atlas Solutions as an outside auditor in order to confirm the number of downloads of their new web browser, but that's just a guess on my part.Like many marketing companies (and other web sites, for that matter), Atlas Solutions probably uses cookies to track people accessing their site. You may or may not be able to block cookies from their various hosts and still access various web sites, although you may have to do things like enter your username and password or re-enter other preferences each time that you do.RegardsAryeh Goretsky

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it's just scary to be warned that another site is being informed about you when you are at microsoft, minding your own business...

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