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redistributable ie 7


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thanks, but is this the redistributable? it's only 15mb...i'm looking for the one that does not require connection to the internet to install. it's probably 70 or 100mb, i'm guessing. what the one that most ppl get is simply an install package that pulls more from ms as selected parts are requested.

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The file size for IE7 is really not that big becuase it doesn't come with Windows Mail (Outlook Express) or any other components.. just the browser..and that's it.I haven't verified it yet, but I don't think you can go offline to install IE7. The reason is that the setup wizard will want to validate your copy of Windows (the genuine advantage stuff). And the validation requires that you be online I think. I could be wrong. But last time, when I tried to install WMP 11 offline, it wouldn't let me.

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