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Found 3 results

  1. I downloaded and installed the latest version of Virtual Box in Windows 10 as host. Tried to run a 64 bit Linux Distro as guest, it would not work. In VB all of the listed distro's and Windows are 32 bit. What gives My windows 10 and all of my Linux Distros are 64 Bit and so is my CPU. This only happens when using Windows as the host using Virtual Box. It works fine in Linux. Mel
  2. I mentioned this in the xorg thread but can't figure out why I can't access my Virtual Box VM's as a regular user. My VM files are stored on an external HDD. User ichase has read write access to this external HDD, but yet I get the following error when trying to start one. Failed to open virtual machine located in /mnt/Clones/VMs/Win7_Pro/Win7_Pro.vbox. Runtime error opening '/mnt/Clones/VMs/Win7_Pro/Win7_Pro.vbox' for reading: -38(Access denied.). /build/virtualbox/src/VirtualBox-4.3.14/src/VBox/Main/src-server/MachineImpl.cpp[472] (nsresult Machine::initFromSettings(VirtualBox*, con
  3. First of all, I am on the fense whether this post belongs in the Windows forums or the Linux forums. The host for my Windows XP VM is Arch Linux. I have this VM for work purposes. Before setting it up, I would have to re-boot into my Windows 7 partition. I have everything set up for this VM to be actually more optimal than my company laptop. Not to mention I don't have to reboot into Win 7 anymore (Actually, can't see me booting into this anytime soon ) Guest Additions are properly set up. I have access to my SAMBA storage configured. I even created a folder in my host /home directo
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