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Found 2 results

  1. Here is a brand new unofficial respin of MX Linux tweaked for optimal audio performance and containing a nice collection of audio software and plugins. Developer is this guy called sunrat, although probably a more correct title would be "hack-togetherer of lots of other peoples' work". It's tweaked from a full version of the August MX snapshot, with Liquorix kernel, KXStudio repos and most of raboof's realtimeconfigquickscan script. It will run as a live CD/USB although I prefer to install it to HD/SSD for best experience. There will be an RC2 in a week or so as I already have a list of minor changes and requests for additional programs. I still have to add some documentation to explain what it is, but you can get the .iso file from here - https://sourceforge....o-sunrat/files/ Discussion thread is here - https://forum.mxlinu...?f=100&p=458605
  2. I have been using gnucash for several years to keep track of my personal/small-business finances. In general, I have been pretty happy with it. I only use it once every three months or so. Sometimes I am very lazy and only use once a year. I store copies of my data files on a USB stick, external hdd, cloud storage, etc. I do not use any online banking features or import bank info files. If for some reason I have to use a different computer or I remove and reinstall the program, there are problems with getting the backup data files into the program. Sometimes I have to just rebuild some records from an older backup, duplicating work I've done previously. I really hate doing bookkeeping and am looking for something simpler as my needs have been drastically reduced. What do you use? Can it handle simple accounting for occasional consulting/odd-job income? Does it have a dependable backup feature for those of us who are paranoid about losing data?
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