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Found 1 result

  1. macdunn

    Skype forced upgrade

    I had, in early August 2014, a hiatus from Skype on my Win7 machines. When I tried to run my installed Skype I was given a message that my Username and/or Password were wrong. Yes, 3.5 is not the newest version, but it has features and a look-and-feel which I prefer. Now this has happened to me before back when I was still running v2 of Skype, so it is not just since Microsoft has taken over Skype. So, since I was forced to move from v2 to 3.5 way back when, I decided that this seemed to be the same situation and I threw in the towel and tried to upgrade to 4.2. Same problem. So, I then (after uninstalling 4.2) installed v5 of Skype. Now, I can run Skype again on my Win7 machines. When I (and all others) was forced to upgrade from v2 to 3.5, the situation had been that Skype (Finland) had upgraded their server-side software and my (our) Username and Password could not be authenticated. Since my v5 install now works (and I tried at the same time to run an existing 3.5 on a separate Win7 box for test purposes with the same error message), I can only assume that this is also a server-side upgrade forcing a client-sde upgrade. One major feature I enjoyed with 3.5 was being able to see the timezone which my Skype contacts were in (if they had enabled or not disabled in their installations). Since I and most of my contacts work internationally, it is good to see if they are at their work locale or maybe at an R&R location, as well as knowing what time it is where they are (so I do not call at an inappropriate time). On 1 September 2014 I also tried to run whatever version of Skype I had installed on my iPhone 3Gs and this time I got a message saying that my installed version was being "retired" and I needed to upgrade. I went ahead and upgraded and am again able to run Skype on my iPhone. I am posting this in case someone else gets these "informative" error messages and does not know what to do. -Mac-
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