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Found 5 results

  1. From InternetNews.com: By Sean Michael Kerner | May 14, 2012 From the 'Mozilla Isn't a Linux Vendor' files: While Mozilla is a leading light in the open source community, every so often I'm reminded that the same isn't always true in the Linux community. There has been an ongoing thread over the course of the last week about Mozilla's lack of initial support for the Web Apps Marketplace on Linux. That's right folks, the same group that is now (rightly) attacking Microsoft over the initial lack of access for browsers on Windows RT, isn't initially supporting Linux for Web Apps. Read the rest of the article HERE.
  2. http://openbadges.org/en-US/ http://openbadges.or.../displayer.html If I get the moderators and administraters here at BATL and and on their burpdays can I have a badge. Title should read "who do you think deserves one here"
  3. http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/collusion/ It makes some really pretty patterns after you have been surfing for a while.
  4. Mozilla Firefox 12.0 and Thunderbird 12.0 have been pushed out and I updated to both yesterday. They are working very well so far. No problems with any of the Extensions I use with Firefox 12.0 or Thunderbird 12.0, however Lightning 1.3 was updated to Lightning 1.4 during the install when it checked for updates to extensions. All going quite well. But I was careful too. I backed up my bookmarks .json for Firefox and copied my entire Thunderbird profile just to be sure. But it all went very well!
  5. Here's how I did it: https://noctslackv1.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/common-mozilla-product-profiles-across-operating-systems/
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