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Found 2 results

  1. abarbarian

    Cloning HDD to SSD.

    I'm going to swap a hdd for a ssd on Windows 7. Unfortunatly I chose a OCZ (looks like they are not the most reliable ssd)as it was very cheap, fortunatly it is for me sisters pc I bought the OCZ swap kit which comes with Acronis software. When I clone the hdd to the ssd, Will the data still be on the hdd ? Can I keep the cloned hdd and use it as is as a replacement if the ssd fails ? In other words I clone the hdd to the ssd. Take out the hdd and use the ssd. In the event of a failure can I then just reinsert the hdd and it will still have Windows 7 on it and ready to go.
  2. abarbarian

    Raid 0 HDD to SSD ?

    Hi I run my Windows 7 on a Raid 0 set up. I want to use a ssd as my main drive insted of the Raid set up. Can I just do a straight clone using a ssd cloning kit ? The cloning kit I have uses a cut down version of Acronis.
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