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Found 1 result

  1. What is Kiwix? I looked into this fascinating software as I wanted to have a copy of the Arch Wiki on hand offline. Yes I know that you can do something from the command line but I would be happier with a program that looked like a web page if that makes sense. Arch has a kiwix-desktop application within which you can download the Arch Wiki or any of 4003 web site sections or books as they are called and view them. https://archlinux.org/packages/community/x86_64/kiwix-desktop/ https://github.com/kiwix/kiwix-desktop Setting up was easy. Download the kiwix-desktop then download the Arch Wiki book and you are up and running. Here is a freshly opened Kiwix. As you can see you can resize the the window to suit. I have also added a couple of extra books to kiwix. With fast stable internet kiwix may not be necessary. However if you bork your os and can not get on line or get a connection gremlin or internet outage kiwix may just save the day. You could download whatever content you fancy and turn of your router/modem for an afternoon whilst you peruse, thus saving a few shillings worth of electricity. There are other uses for kiwix and Arch has a range of kiwix programs available. These will allow you to view .zim files you have made from your own choice of web sites. I noticed that the Futurama offering at Kiwix was from 2017 so I went to the site and used Zimit to make an uptodate file. https://youzim.it/ Once the site had been zimmed I downloaded the file and tried to read it from kiwix-desktop. However it could not be read from that program. There is some information regarding this at the Zimit site. Although Arch has all the tools needed to set up a server, there is even a Docker offering I could not be bothered with all the fafff. Luckily for me though I came across this, Kiwix JS PWA This allows you to view .zim files offline in a browser. A few clicks later and I have the latest copy of the Futurama Infosphere site available for offline perusal. Using Kiwix JS PWA was just a tad glitchy to start with but it seems to have settled down and is working well. I pulled the ethernet cable from the pc to see if offline worked and it did with no problems. I could change which book/site I wanted to with no problems, going form Futurama to the Arch Wiki and back again. There is more to this tale but it will have to wait for another day.
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