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  1. With Debian Wheezy now released as stable, lots of changes happen with sid, so siduction have released new snapshot called Firestarter. Release Notes for siduction 2013.1 - Firestarter
  2. http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/155392-international-space-station-switches-from-windows-to-linux-for-improved-reliability From the comments section,
  3. Yes I know there's an "about to be released" thread, but this news deserves a thread all to itself. Debian 7.0 "Wheezy" is released! It's been 27 months since the last release so this is a momentous occasion. More info - http://www.debian.org/News/2013/20130504 They managed to keep the install images down to CD size (~648MB) too, quite an achievement. I'm downloading the LXDE version for my EeePC right now. Will report back....
  4. http://linuxaria.com/recensioni/livarp-a-lightweight-linux-distribution?lang=en http://arpinux.org/livarp/ I could not resist, downloaded and transferring to a 16 GB usb stick I got from somewhere. 9 wm's to play with should be fun.
  5. siduction 2012.2 - Riders on the Storm final is now available from your friendly local siduction mirror. I'm really keen to give Razor-Qt a good test, probably on my EeePC 900. More info and downloads:- http://siduction.org...sid=154&lang=en Half an hour later: Wow, I just downloaded the 721MB Razor-Qt iso using KTorrent in 3 minutes 6 seconds! Here's a screenshot in VBox (click to enbiggen)- Looks very nice. It's 35°C here atm so I'm not going to delve further yet.
  6. Hi. I have a pc with Debian and Ubuntu where sda3 is free and I want arch on it. I have Debian managing grub 2 on MBR. When I installed Ubuntu on sda2 I made Ubuntu install grub on sda2 and then on Debian I run 'update-grub' and it found Ubuntu and added it to the menu. Now with arch, which method should I follow? Thanks Guillermo
  7. The nice devs at siduction have just made available a release candidate for the upcoming siduction 2012 - Riders on the Storm. An interesting part of this release is that Razor-qt, a new lightweight desktop built on QT, is now going to be a regular option for image download. Just the thing for those who liked KDE3 but have issues with KDE4. siduction-Razor-qt uses OpenBox as it's WM, but it can use any WM (inctuding Kwin). I installed the original Razor-qt beta in VBox and was impressed. While it's not finished yet it was still very usable. Siduction 2012.2 is shipped with 4 Desktop-Environme
  8. On the 28th of September, Slackware Linux Project released Slackware 14. On the 29th of September Debian released Debian 6.0.6 - Squeeze. Visit the websites of these two oldest and, in my opinion, finest GNU/Linux operating systems in existence for more information and the official release announcements. Have fun! http://www.slackware.com/ http://www.debian.org/
  9. Cracked up at this post on debianuserforums.org (which is different from the official forums.debian.net) Worth a look for the rest of the posts too. SoulSingin is pretty funny sometimes, here's another classic: Migrating to Debian from Ubuntu
  10. Debian Wheezy will be released with a small change. The default desktop environment will be Xfce instead of the long time Gnome choice. All you Gnome 3.x bashers relax a minute. It may be more a choice brought on by Debian's insistence on sticking with a single CD iso. It seems Gnome has gotten to big to fit on the first installation CD. Of course, speculation remains that there were other more subjective reasons for ditching Gnome as the default DE. It will still be available via the repos, along with KDE, LXDE, etc. Read more about it in this Phoronix article --> http://www.phoronix.c
  11. Today's Debian security upgrades included this recommendation to upgrade Iceweasel in Squeeze;
  12. How to install Debian and TOR Router on the DreamPlug https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/DebianDreamPlug Very cool! Something else to keep us all up at night to make another cool thing work!
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