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Found 1 result

  1. Well I made it to the end of the month without tearing anyone's head of or causing a riot or gnawing me arm of. Oh did I not say , I have stopped smoking. So to reward myself and to get rid of all that extra loot I decided to buy myself a treat. My smoking habit just for the nicotine side of things cost me around £20 a week. Over four weeks that adds up to £80 add in an extra pat on the back bonus and I decided I could spend around £100. Hmm what to fritter me loot on ? Perusing some old threads here I saw that way back in 2012 I considered buying a Toughbook the CF-18/19 version. So of I went to read up about them again. After some research I decided that a 10.5 inch screen would not be suitable for me as I would be using the Toughbook as a permanent backup pc and also as a traveling pc. I intend to take the Toughbook with me on my voluntary driving for the Welsh Ambulance service where I often have to sit around waiting for a couple of hours waiting for patients at clinics. Now I have been filling in time enjoyably with a e-reader and a whole host of sci-fi books. However I do have quite a collection of anime series that I have not watched and as they tend to be half hour episodes watching several of those would be a super way to while away some waiting time. I thought the Toughbook would be an ideal tool for my proposed use as I can just chuck it into the boot of me car without worrying to much about minor knocks and bumps. An ideal tool for a barbarian perhaps. Hunting on E-Bay I came across this CF-52 with a 15.5 inch screen and punchy enough specs to fulfill my needs. So I dove in and bought it This particular CF-52 has a 1200x800 screen and is a Mk 3 version I believe. Oh and a 120 GB ssd. I did see a CF-52 with a 1920x1200 HD screen but it was only a Mk2 and had no hdd caddy or hdd. It was £20 or so cheaper and I was tempted but decided to go with the one above. What made the decision difficult was that the 1200x800 had quite a lot of use hours whereas the 1920x1200 had only around 70 days worth of use. I do not intend using the Vista os and think for ease of use will try a install of MX-17 as my first Tough Penguin. The Toughbooks have easy swap hard drive caddys so I may at some time buy an empty spare caddy and use it to experiment with different penguins. I'll post more once the Toughbook arrives.
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