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Found 2 results

  1. New rogue called System Doctor 2014 – BleepingComputer - FransComputerServices Blog The direct link to the removal page and information on BleepingComputer: System Doctor 2014 Removal Guide
  2. V.T. Eric Layton

    Windows Premium Guard - Malware

    A friend whose system I had just revived/refurbished a few weeks ago, came by yesterday with his tower in the back seat of his car. He was complaining about how the anti-virus program I put on his system kept nagging him to purchase a premium version. Hmm... I only installed MS Security Essentials on his system and it does NOT nag. Turns out my friend must have been surfing some naughty sites somewhere because he was the victim of a drive-by installation of Windows Premium Guard, which doesn't guard against anything, actually. It's a trojan that infects your system with loads of nasties. It disables your real anti-virus, disallows task manager access, and locks down regedit use. Nasty booger here, folks. I had to use this tutorial from bleepingcomputer.com to clean the system up --> http://www.bleepingc...s-premium-guard Once I did all this, I ran Ccleaner, an MSE scan, and installed FF w/ noscipt/adblock for him. I checked that all was updated properly and I left malwarebytes (trial version) on his system just in case I needed it again. I just revived/refurbished his mom's system not two weeks ago. He's claiming it's all bogged down and not starting up properly already. I'll check mom's system one more time. If it's all corrupted again, I'm giving these folks the option of switching to a Linux distro of some flavor or take their systems to Best Buy for service next time.
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