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Found 3 results

  1. Mint 19 Cinnamon works with latest updates and kernel 4.15.39 stable. Mint 19 XFCE same as above. Manjaro 17.1 community Cinnamon version hangs on install. Manjaro 18.0 XFCE works out of the box. very stable. Deepin latest version hangs on install. Will add more as I test them.
  2. I am running Linux on my new machine AMD Ryzen 2200G cpu. Lots of problems with mint 19 linux freezes sometimes and takes up to 5 minutes to boot. Not all of the time. Like debian stretch the kernel is not up to date to handle the Vega graphics in the chip. I don't have this problem running Siduction QT 3.0 or windows 10. The devs need to get on the stick and support this newer hardware for those of us without a graphics card. Who else is running the ryzen cpu's in the forum? Guess I will have to wait for Linux (Mint and stretch) to catch up. Mel
  3. ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 review Engadget More in the article and more at PCWorld review here. Looks very interesting. Of course the image shows it connected to it's special keyboard dock. Sure makes it look like a laptop, non? Very nice!
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