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Found 3 results

  1. Refining the recommended system requirements for Windows 8 - arstechnica Microsoft's listed requirements fall short for daily use. MUCH more in the article. In the article they mention at there are some PIIIs that actually are rated at 1Ghz but you wouldn't want to put yourself through the world of hurt to try to make it happen. Good point. To me, it is more a combo of items that have to meet the minimum specs. Like Windows 7, the graphics card is very important as is RAM and the CPU. Read on to investigate. However, the article also states that Windows 8 is actually LESS forgiving than Windows 7 on shortcomings with the graphics card. What do you think? Is the article realistic?
  2. Guest

    WWDC - June 11 2012

    Live Update: WWDC Keynote - Macworld Liveblog: WWDC 2012 keynote at 10am PDT on June 11 - arstechnica What to expect from WWDC 2012 - CNET Apple WWDC 2012 liveblog! - engadget Apple WWDC 2012 Live Blog: iOS 6, Mountain Lion, New MacBook Pro and Air - ABC Liveblog: iOS 6 to Headline Appleā€™s WWDC 2012 Announcements - Wired.com Gadget Lab FAQ - WWDC2012 - Want to know more? - Apple.com Sure there are a lot more places to check out for it today. BIG THING TODAY WWDC 2012 KEYNOTE MONDAY JUNE 11 2012 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT
  3. Apple offers free Snow Leopard to help migrate MobileMe users to iCloud - Arstechnica
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